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The power to be frugal!

The Multi Tex MT-Classe represents a new flow of dry cleaning at a price that was unthinkable until recently. Specially designed for hydrocarbons and silicon solvents, the MT-Classe offers more advantages over traditional processing methods.

Multi Tex’s MT-Classe is the culmination of years of research into safer and more effective ways of handling. Even of the most delicate fabrics. Without compromising the ability to clean heavily contaminated clothing and leather.

The Multi Tex MT-Classe is the epitome of “refinement simplified” and offers a tool that meets the needs of both specialists and general staff who are looking for convenience and simplicity.

Designed and tested in Germany, Multi Tex, with MT-Classe, represents an excellent combination of performance and reliability.


Cleaning and drying under vacuum

Cleaning under vacuum ensures a reduction of the surface tension of the cleaning fluid. This allows the liquid to penetrate well into the fiber. The high pressure (systolic blood pressure) ensures good mechanical operation and maximum cleaning power.

Lower dry temperatures under vacuum require that the hot air temperature is never more than 70 ° C and has a cooling off temperature of around 40 º C. This is good for clothing and lowers your energy bills.

The full drum, the drive mechanism, the air shaft and the tank of the MT-Classe are mounted on heavy-duty suspension. This, in combination with the low centre of gravity, reduces vibration and the pressure on the floor so that the machine does not need to be fixed.

The MT-Classe Multi Tex machines are by far the machines with the highest centrifuge force on the market today. They centrifuge with 200-400 G.

Efficient filtration

The fluid runs continuously through the filter. The machine ensures that the liquid retains its cleansing power.

The unique properties of hydrocarbon fluid and a highly efficient filtration system mean that water, fatty acids and loose dyes are fully absorbed into the filter. This makes the optional distillation possibility most times unnecessary. Exceptions.

Solvent protection

Protect the solvent in the cleaning machine against bacteria and contamination. The new ionization unit is optionally available for new cleaning machines. It is also possible to equip your existing Multi Tex machine with this.





Without liquid protection                                              |                       with liquid protection


Filter disks

Without liquid protection                                              |                       with liquid protection

Lösemittel-Protection-schwarz loesemittelProtection



Technical Data MT 200 MT 300 MT 400 MT600
Capacity 1:20 10 kg 15 kg 22 kg 30 kg
Trommelinhoud 200 L 300 L 440 L 600 l
Trommeldiameter 950 mm 950 mm 950 mm 1200 mm
Trommeldiepte 285 mm 430 mm 630 mm 530 mm
Tank capacity 120 L 150 L 250 L 320 L
Filter Content 35 L 55 L 65 L 85 L
G-Factor 200 – 400 200 – 400 200 – 400 200 – 400
  Width 1170 mm 1200 mm 1260 mm 1640 mm
  Depth 1200 mm 1500 mm 1700 mm 1760 mm
  Height 1960 mm 2030 mm 2030 mm 2200 mm
Transport afm.        
  Width 1170 mm 1200 mm 1260 mm 1600 mm
  Depth   950 mm 1150 mm 1500 mm 1480 mm
  Height 1960 mm 2030 mm 2030 mm 2200 mm
Max. Ability 3.35 kw 4.85 kw 5.20 kw 10.20 kw
Weight without liquid 950 kg 1200 kg 1500 kg 2100 kg